Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thursday Challenge

Thursday Challenge: Curved...
My eye caught this pretty, curvy gate
on Broadway Street in the city...
San Francisco, CA

Posted for Thursday Challenge Theme - Curved (Bent, Rippled, Coiled, Spiraling, Twisted).


lily said...

I come to visit you blog naka. ^-^

HOOTIN' ANNI said...

...and such a beautiful color too!! Great job.

My Thursday Post Link: The GAMBLER

Joyful said...

Very pretty!

Lucka said...

Gorgeous! Have a great day!

Stephen Chapman said...

Great shot!

If you fancy another photo challenge, I have one running on my blog every month (on the 5th). It's called '5 on the fifth' and it is only a few days away.

This months sees the 25th month of this little photo challenge!

Hope you can take part. Details here:

Dani said...

This beautiful heart caught my eye. You can share it at

Thank you for the visit/comment.